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Adalsteinn Valdimarsson
Chief Executive Officer
Andy Latham
Andy Latham
Chief Technology Officer
Peder Falck
Peder Falck
Managing Director, Europe CoE
Rod Barlow
Rod Barlow
Managing Director, UKIN CoE
rob price
Rob Price
Chief Financial Officer
Sjoerd Starren
Sjoerd Starren
Managing Director, Global Accounts CoE
Tony Bryant
Tony Bryant
Business Development Director

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the first ever, all up, cross group K3 Conference! It is a great opportunity to learn about the progress to date of our journey to a unified K3 and what our new K3 identity is going to look like.
Learn more about our business, our products and our people by connecting and chatting with colleagues and accessing videos and many other resources.
We highly encourage everyone to attend, as this is a unique opportunity to collectively experience and share thoughts on the unified K3.
On May 15th there will be virtual (live) sessions starting at 9am UK time. The Expo will be available from the 15th through the 17th of May.
No. You do not need to downlaod or install any software to participate in our conference. You only need to have access to the internet.
STEP 1: Register through the landing page.
STEP 2: Log in to your account on the day of the event.
STEP 3: Watch the live sessions and browse through the booths of the Expo to connect with colleagues and access the content.
I cannot log in the conference, what do i do? In case of having troubles logging in please reach out to
Yes, the sessions will be recorded and available until the 17th of May.
Don't worry. You can login and have access the content until the 17th of May.
Yes. You can download all of the available documents or access them to your browser. Some of the content from the sessions might not be made available for download as it is still work in progress.